Indian food in Bremen

Mitul, Radhika, Hana and me went to an Indian gathering today. I personally am feeling wonderful. We took the train from IUB at 6:57 and reached hauptbahnof at 7:18. From the Hauptbahnof we took a tram to Roland center and from there the bus to our final destination.Upon entering the community hall I felt as if I was at a social gathering in India. To see people in Indian clothes here in Bremen was quite a wonderful experience, but the best part was undoubtedly the food. One really doesn’t realise what one has been missing until he gets a taste of it. As soon as the smell of the food wafted near me, my mouth started watering and my stomach grumbled and craved for food properly for the first time in a month. The food was really awesome – puris, aloo, chole, pulao, gobhi and not to forget the wonderful sweets – we even got a little jalebi – heavenly. I am feeling as if I had been starving for a month, and now I have finally got something to satisfy my Indian taste buds. Still, if there had been space enough in my stomach I would have eaten for as long as I could possibly do. Mine stomach was satisfied but my heart wasn’t. I mean, I am not going to get such utterly delicious food every other day, am I? There was some pretty decent Punjabi music being played and the atmosphere was totally homely. We left the place at around 9:30 and reached the University at 10:45. I have had some good days at IUB and some not so good. Yesterday night was not good, was it? Yassine and I were working on our EE homework till 5 in the morning, and only got 3 hours of sleep during the entire day. But if every day I sleep for only 3 hours and get typical Indian food, I would not mind it. For such food (or delicacies is the appropriate term) I would willingly stay awake the entire night. This has truly been my best day in Bremen.

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