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The semester ended finally. It was a long and tiresome semester to say the least. Anyhow, all “good” things must come to an end! So, IUB went on holidays for ever as it will be (or already has been) rechristened as JUB. Anyhow, it was Christmas time! My host family had already promised that they will take me with them to Ahlen where they will be celebrating Christmas with their family. We left Bremen on the 24th. It was not a long ride to Ahlen! (If you can drive at 150 kph, I don’t think any distance would be long enough!)

We reached Ahlen safely, though. It was not that I was afraid that we would not, it is just that back home it is not possible to drive at 150 kph. The first difference between Ahlen and Bremen was the temperature. Ahlen was definitely colder, but still not cold enough to be uncomfortable. (thankfully!) We went to the church and the strangest imaginable surprise awaited me at the church. The head priest was Indian, imagine that! Well, Alexandra’s mom insisted that I meet the priest and she introduced me to him. He was from south India and thus could not speak hindi. Therefore, we conversed in English.

Coming back from the church, we got ready for dinner. Alexandra’s sister and her husband also arrived by then, and so it was a nice family gathering. And the food was simply delicious! What a pleasant change from Aramark. Wish I could have more pleasant detours like this. We sang some carols as well and Andreas seemed to be enjoting himself a lot! Then it was time for exchanging presents. Well, I got some nice presents (he he he). The Werder cup was good!

The next day was equally good! We first went to a tour of Ahlen. Alexandra’s father, Dieta (hope I spelled that correctly) took us! Then we got back, I guess I was half asleep in the car for most of the time! We then got back and I had some good proper German cakes. My word, they were brilliant, the way they were melting in my mouth. AHHHH! It still makes my mouth water. Easily the best cakes I had ever had in my life! Well, then Dieta showed me some really nice card tricks! Awesome man! We played Jenga and Andreas, showed us how good an Architect he was! He was impossible to defeat. If I remember correctly, I think he only lost once. Then it was time for dinner, and it was again brilliant! Why doesn’t Aramark learn something!

And then on the next day it was time to say goodbyes to everone! Oma, Dieta and Alexandra’s mom (I forgot the name, sorry! But her cooking was brilliant!) Well, it was a very nice Christmas and yes I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

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